Tidal Rave has a passion for Paddle Boarding and is dedicated to teaching young people and those young at heart how to paddle correctly. Health and safety come first, no matter what.

We believe that passing this knowledge along is vital to ensure that a new wave and generation of paddle boarders are always safe and serious about what dangers lay ahead when taking a journey out on the water. It’s also important to take care of and maintain your SUP.

Look after your board, and your board will look after you. We offer classes for beginners and “Rave Days’ for the more experienced paddlers, where music, food and other activities are all part of one special trip.


Expert Raver

2024 Features & UPGRADES

Discover the latest upgrades and innovative features of our Tidal Rave paddle board in this comprehensive video overview.

By Artist Tiago Martins

2024 Acrylic Series

Presenting a visual exploration of our cutting-edge paddle board designs in this comprehensive video showcase.

Fruity Designs


Our paddle boards beautifully capture the essence of adventure, inviting you to experience the thrill of gliding seamlessly across the water.