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Paddle Board Accessories

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Tidal Rave™ Paddle Board Electric Pump - 12VTidal Rave™ Paddle Board Electric Pump - 12V
Tidal Rave™ iSUP Paddle Board BagTidal Rave™ iSUP Paddle Board Bag
Tidal Rave™ iSUP Paddle Board Bag
Sale price£29.99 GBP
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Tidal Rave™ Buoyancy Aid Paddle Board JacketTidal Rave™ Buoyancy Aid Paddle Board Jacket
Tidal Rave™ T-2000 Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerTidal Rave™ T-2000 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Tidal Rave™ Waterproof Dry Bag -20LTidal Rave™ Waterproof Dry Bag -20L
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Clip In Paddle Board Fin Tidal Rave™Clip In Paddle Board Fin Tidal Rave™
Tidal Rave™ SUP Paddle Full CarbonTidal Rave™ SUP Paddle Full Carbon
Tidal Rave™ SUP Paddle Full Carbon
Sale price£89.99 GBP
Tidal Rave™ Portable Kayak SeatTidal Rave™ Portable Kayak Seat
Tidal Rave™ Portable Kayak Seat
Sale price£34.99 GBP
Tidal Rave™ Waterproof Phone CaseTidal Rave™ Waterproof Phone Case
Tidal Rave™ Waterproof Phone Case
Sale price£14.99 GBP
Tidal Rave™ Shoulder StrapTidal Rave™ Shoulder Strap
Tidal Rave™ Shoulder Strap
Sale price£19.99 GBP
Tidal Rave™ 3 Piece Paddle Board Aluminum PaddleTidal Rave™ 3 Piece Paddle Board Aluminum Paddle
Tidal Rave™ 3 Piece Paddle Board Aluminum Paddle
Sale price£29.99 GBP Regular price£200.00 GBP
Tidal Rave™ Paddle Board Hand PumpTidal Rave™ Paddle Board Hand Pump
Tidal Rave™ Paddle Board Hand Pump
Sale price£39.99 GBP
Tidal Rave™ Paddle Board Repair KitTidal Rave™ Paddle Board Repair Kit

Paddle Board Accessories

Discover Tidal Rave’s wide selection of paddle-boarding accessories. From our very own 12V electric pump and life jacket to our waterproof phone case and speaker, on this page, you’ll find the perfect accessory that will take your paddle boarding experience in the water to the next level.

Essential Paddle Boarding Equipment

There are three non-negotiable inflatable stand up paddle board accessories every enthusiast should have. They include a pump (a hand or an electric one), a life jacket in case of emergency, and waterproof dry bags, which you can use to store all of your belongings.

With that said, depending on the water sports and outdoor activities that you plan on participating in, other SUP board accessories may become essential as a result. For instance, if you plan on paddling through a cave system abroad, it’s a good idea to carry with you a portable kayak seat and navigation lights.

How Accessories Improve Your Paddle Boarding Experience

Generally speaking, SUP accessories (depending on the type) will make your paddle-boarding experience much more enjoyable. This is largely due to the convenience that they offer. For instance, the full carbon paddle that you’ll find on this page will dramatically reduce fatigue as it is lighter than a traditional non-carbon paddle.

Another one of our most popular paddle boarding accessories is the Tidal Rave 12V electric pump. This pump was specifically designed for our Tidal Rave paddle boards. And as a result of that, it’s going to inflate your inflatable SUPs significantly faster than if you were to use any other type of pump.

Choosing the Right Gear

When choosing the right gear for your beginner SUP experience, it’s essential to consider your needs, what you plan on doing, and of course, your budget. If you browse through this page, you’ll find a variety of different paddle board accessories, including:

  • A waterproof phone case
  • A waterproof speaker
  • A life jacket
  • A portable kayak seat
  • Dry bags
  • Electric & hand pumps

Why Shop With Us

All of the accessories you will find on this page were designed by paddle boarding enthusiasts for paddle boarding enthusiasts. Having grown up in the seaside town of Essex, from a very young age and through our own experience, we’ve learned what’s important for the average paddle boarders and we brought it to life.

Whether you’re looking for a quality waterproof phone case to capture the most epic moments in the water or a speaker so you can blast your favourite tunes, we’ve got you covered. All orders are also eligible for free next-day delivery across the UK. And for extra peace of mind, we have a 30-day return policy, meaning you have 30 days from the day you receive your order to request a return.