Our Story

What's up surfers and paddleboarders!

Welcome to Tidal Rave, a family-owned business born from our love and passion for the ocean.

We grew up in a seaside town in Essex, known for its sailing community and we're watercraft experts. We've been sailing and paddleboarding for years and we live and breathe water.

We started Tidal Rave because we wanted to create the most beautiful and exciting paddleboards on the water, with fruity, funky and exotic designs that bring life to the water.

But, we don't just want to make cool boards, we want to teach you how to paddle safely and have a rad time doing it. We want to share our love for paddleboarding with you.

Imagine meeting up with your buds on the beach or seaside ready for a fun day ahead - you get your boards pumped and off you go!

Cruising together on a mission to discover the coolest spots and stumble upon them without meaning to.

Feel the warm heat of the sun, and experience the most beautiful sunsets in the horizon. Once you get back to the shore, have had a shower, are feeling refreshed you can be like "I lived today!"

Sometimes its a tough journey against the wind and tide - getting splashed in the face a few times but it’s well worth it when you find that calm spot in the sun with beautiful scenery.

When me and my cousin went out and made these amazing experiences, we told all of our friends and invited them out with us and now we want to show the world.

We now travel the globe to discover the most beautiful locations and our paddle board is our friend to help us achieve this.

Come paddle with us in style! 

How will you benefit from Paddleboarding?

Since we started paddle boarding, it’s helped us really grow as a individuals - to become more independent but also more socially active.

What’s more it helps us to keep fit!

We know that the gym can be a chore, but this is why we paddle board so we can have fun and keep fit and healthy at the same time

A positive mind also stems from being out in the wilderness, being nature connected can improve your mentality in your day to day life. Not to forget natural vitamin D from the sunshine, gets you out.

It gets kids out and off of their devices. But also making memories which they can share on their social media! These are key life skills that Tidal Rave help improve. It’s a relaxing and sociable way to enjoy the outdoors,

Who could you trust more than people who paddle board themselves?

Our passion for paddleboarding means we're dedicated to teaching young people and those young at heart how to paddle correctly. We offer classes for beginners and "Rave Days" for more experienced paddlers where music, food and other activities are all part of the fun.

Passing our knowledge along is vital - to ensure that a new wave and generation of paddle boarders are always safe and serious about what potential dangers lay ahead when taking a journey out on the water. It’s also important to take care of and maintain your SUP.

Look after your board, and your board will look after you.

Once you're proficient - we know that everyone loves a party, that's why we have waterproof speakers you can attach to the front of your board and our unique buddy clips that link boards together with no hassle. 

We’re here for the long run! 

We design and test all our paddleboards in the UK and we give you more accessories than anyone else with each order. For example, you get a shoulder strap for your board, making it easy to transport when pumped up. You get a waterproof dry bag to put all of your food and belongings in for your days out on the water - so you're equipped with everything you need to get paddling.

Our brother Dan works for Microsoft - he is the brains behind all the breathtaking scenery and landscapes you see in your favourite computer games. He is the artistic genius behind our paddle board designs and so our brand brings cool funky vibrant designs to suit any personality.

Plus the future looks bright. We are constantly creating, working, developing new designs every year so keep an eye out for the latest trends from Tidal Rave.

Our Mission

To bring the joy of paddleboarding to as many people as possible.

To equip you with all the skills you need and the coolest kit you can find - so you too can enjoy this passion of a lifetime.